harleyparker asked:

Hi! Today at Comic-Con I bought some of your stuff (i was the fem!Captain America who bought the last Sam badge) and I just wanted to message you staying that the stuff I bought of you are my favorite things from today. Thanks for being amazing!! :)

Oh gosh! That makes me so happy to hear that! Thank you so SO much for stopping by and buying them from me too, it was a pleasure to talk to you and gush a bit about SPN <3 Hope I get to see you again!

Anonymous asked:

Hey ^^ I dont know if you remember, but Im the one from SunnyCon who asked for the drawing of me in the fox form. I was hoping if you had any details as to when I will get it... as I still have not recieved it :$

Oh absolutely, I’m so so sorry for the delay, I’ve had a few personal problems in the last week which has prevented me from finishing off the Sunny commissions, however I’m finishing all of them off today in order to have them all posted out tomorrow. I’m really glad you messaged me though as I wanted to ask what your surname is for me to be able to post it, and also for a bit of clarification: you gave me 2 pictures to work with, the selfie and the fox, and I wanted ask which pose out of the 2 did you want me to use? As I understand it you wanted me to draw you hugging the pillow in fox form, or was it the pose of the selfie just in fox form? I just wanna make sure I get it 100% right!

Sorry, I know i’m a bit unorganised with this, but I’ll send a little extra with it for the trouble!